There have been different methods of achieving clear and smooth skin–especially on the face. While there have been products that the market has introduced, there are other ways for skincare without spending much. Coconut oil, for example, has properties that can help moisturize skin and promote a healthier glow.

So what are the benefits of using it on your skin?

  • It reduces inflammation.
  • It also helps prevent infection.
  • Coconut oil helps stop the damage from free radicals.

Research also shows that a sufficient amount of coconut oil is safe to apply under your eyes or lips. The coconut oil is gentle enough for those sensitive spots on your face. Applying said product on your face for overnight use is almost the same as applying the cream.

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How to Apply Coconut Oil on Face for Overnight Purposes?

  1. Rub one tablespoon of coconut oil between your palms. Rub together until the oil reaches a silky, light texture.
  2. Proceed to gently spread the oil on your face, gently massaging the dry parts and dark spots.
  3. There’s bound to be some thick residue on your face because coconut oil has fatty acids. Remove these by using tissue. Don’t use cotton because it will stick to your face and leave residue.
  4. Proceed to sleep once you’re done, and look forward to feeling better than before!

How often should you use coconut oil as an overnight treatment? There’s no specific number of days for this as every facial skin differ. Either way, always follow your gut! The best we can recommend is that you use it at least once every week or occasionally when you feel you need to.

Always look for labels such as virgin, unrefined, and extra virgin. These types have the best benefits on your skin!

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Facial Skin

Coconut oil is best for dry skin, as its properties help moisturize the skin and make it look healthier than ever. Its antimicrobial property is also a great counter to removing makeup, as there are microbial germs in those. Here’s a list of benefits when using coconut oil overnight on your face:

  • Coconut oil reduces inflammation. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, but it also contains anti-inflammatory properties–which is a huge help to irritated or chafed skin.
  • You are keeping hydration up. Coconut oil boosts your skin’s protective barrier layer. The oil traps the moisture to keep your skin hydrated and supple.
  • Coconut oil lightens dark patches. Coconut oil can also help lighten the dark spots on your skin. It’s even more effective if you mix it with lemon juice.
  • Collagen helps the skin maintain its firmness. Coconut oil increases collagen production. Coconut oil carries lauric acid, which has a beneficial effect on collagen production. It only means that the lauric acid can contribute to maintaining that youthful look on your face and keeping it smooth.

The Side Effects of Using Coconut Oil on Face

Like any other product, what works for a few people may not work for the minority–this also applies to the use of coconut oil. While it’s beneficial to the skin, sadly, not everyone gets the same effect.

Coconut oil is also comedogenic. Meaning it can clog your pores. This comedogenic property of coconut oil also makes it a risk for people with sensitive facial skin. So, it’s always better and recommended that you consult with your dermatologist first or do a skin test by yourself.

Apply a small amount of oil on any part of your face and leave it there for 24 hours to do a skin test. If there isn’t any reaction, it might work for you. If there are any symptoms that persist, please see a doctor.


Better safe than sorry! Using coconut oil on your face overnight is beneficial for people with really dry skin. If you have naturally oily skin, it’s best to consult with a dermatologist first since coconut oil can clog pores and cause an outbreak.