Coconut Oil
Health Benefits

Coconut oil has been circling the net for some time,
and more people are getting curious about it.


Coconut oil has been circling the net for some time, and more people are getting curious about it. While others are going crazy over it, some are still hesitant as to how effective it is towards its claimed therapeutic benefits.

So, what is coconut oil? Why has it gotten more attention lately? Where’s it from? In this article, we’ll dive into the truths about nature’s treasure and what’s in it that makes it do wonders. Coconut oil or what is referred to by some as ‘copra oil’ is an oil extracted from the coconut’s dry meat. Ages ago, it has often been rejected since it contains a lot of saturated fat which is said to be harmful to our health. But thankfully, science has disproved that claim. Through research, it has been proven that an ample amount of saturated fat is harmless and this study has opened a wider door for coconut oil consumers.


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1. Refined Coconut Oil – this kind of coconut oil goes through a process that might strip off its nutrients. It solely comes from dried coconut meat and is treated to eliminate the possible contaminants obtained from the drying process. After drying, it goes through a high heat process that extracts the smell and taste of coconut oil. Some refined oil is hydrogenated and may contain trans-fat.
2. Unrefined Coconut Oil – this type of coconut oil comes from fresh and dry coconut meat. It’s often referred as ‘pure’ or ‘virgin’ coconut oil. To extract oil, it goes through a quick-dry process. It passes through a wet milling wherein the coconut meat is drained of its milk and then boiled, strained or fermented to separate the milk from the oil. More antioxidants and flavor is present on this type.