Coconut oils are entirely conventional but very useful today. For those who have been living under the rock for the past decade, coconut oils is an alternative dietary medicine. Its effects have been proven effective in numerous studies and research.

There are different brands of coconut oils in the market, and one of them is the Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil.

The Viva Naturals Coconut Oil is a high-quality coconut oil. It’s an organic, gluten-free and extra virgin coconut oil certified by USDA.

Each jar of the Viva Naturals Coconut Oil is made up of pristine quality. The coconuts are grown in the Philippines and are carefully handpicked to ensure only that the best coconuts are used for production.

The coconuts are shipped to America in its final packaging. This coconut oil is cold pressed and unrefined. They ensure that the oil will retain its natural nutrients and health benefits.

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The coconut oil produced by Viva Naturals makes a great substitute for butter, margarine, shortening and other cooking oils. However, this coconut oil is unrefined. So, this oil isn’t suitable for high heat cooking. Viva Naturals Coconut Oils are perfect for toast and muffins and as well as smoothies. It can be used for baked goods to replace butter, shortening or even eggs. It also makes an excellent cooking oil for stir-fried veggies.

Like other coconuts oils, the Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil, 16oz is packed with medium chain fatty acids. These fatty acids are an excellent antibiotic, antifungal, and antioxidant agents. Since the oil is unrefined, this means that it has more health benefits than those refined oils. The Viva Naturals coconut oil can also be a health supplement. It’s organic, cold-pressed, and is unrefined. Because the oil is naturally extracted, you may be assured that it’s safe to consume.

Making coconut oil as a daily health supplement can help increase your body’s immune system, boost your metabolism, increase energy, help prevent heart disease, help fight disease, and aid in weight loss. The Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil, 160z doesn’t only make an excellent health supplement for people, it’s fantastic for your pets, too.

So, there you go. We encourage you to try one if you haven’t tried the Viva Naturals Coconut Oil yet. Every drop of the Viva Natural Organic Coconut Oil, is a drop of healthy life and lifestyle.