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Coconut Oil for Varicose Veins

Image of legs

You’re a woman of style, and you dress to kill. You want to show some skin, but the varicosities are giving your legs an unpleasant sight. No, they’re not tattoos! Neither are they a masterpiece of a three-year-old child displaying his or her drawing skills on your legs.

In this article we’ll cover the following:

Varicose veins are visible, swollen blood vessels that coil and usually develop in the legs. Baby versions of these are called ‘spider veins.’ Whether varicose or spider veins, seeing  them appear on your legs is very unattractive and can be alarming.

Many predisposing factors cause varicose veins. Poor blood circulation especially in your lower extremities stresses the veins and causes them to appear. Your occupation, lifestyle, or health affects the development of varicose veins. Prolonged standing, aging, and obesity are known causes. They give discomfort to your body, fashion or health wise. Varicose veins make you feel like you’re dragging a ball chained to your feet.

However, it’s not the end of the world if varicose veins start to show up. There are chemical-based products and cosmetic procedures that you can use to minimize or remove them. Then again, do you have to spend much on remedies that may obtain unsatisfactory results? Why not consider using an organic product like coconut oil for treating varicosities?

Coconut oil for varicose veins? Are you kidding me?

Yes, coconut oil is nature’s alternative to treating varicose veins. You can ask our friend, Google and be astonished by its facts and benefits.

It contains organic compounds that aren’t harmful to our health. The medium-chain fatty acids make it easy to penetrate and introduce Vitamin E to the skin.

How do you use coconut oil for varicose veins?

As said earlier, varicose veins are caused by poor blood circulation, particularly in the lower extremities. So, we need to make the blood circulation better in our legs by giving them a massage. Coconut oil makes a remarkable massage oil because of its natural benefits that may treat varicose veins. It may also reduce spider veins naturally when used regularly. Furthermore, warming the coconut oil gives off a sweet aroma that puts you in a relaxing mood.

Here’s what you do to say ‘bye-bye’ to those annoying varicose veins:

  • Wash the affected areas with warm water and pat them dry with a clean, dry towel.
  • Warm the bottle of coconut oil by submerging it on a bowl of hot water until it liquefies and is tolerable to touch.
  • Put an ample amount of coconut oil on your palms and massage the affected areas gently.
  • When massaging, it’s advisable to keep the strokes up, towards the heart’s direction, to improve blood circulation.
  • Make sure you won’t put friction while massaging. You don’t remove varicose veins that way. Be gentle to your skin and don’t hurt yourself. Add more coconut oil if needed.
  • For optimal results, do the massage twice a day for about fifteen minutes.

Isn’t this such a simple, cost-effective solution to treat varicose veins? Do this regularly as coconut oil may reduce the appearance of the unattractive varicosities. As we all know, coconut oil doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. But it does come from a hard coconut, and I think you don’t need to be hit with a coconut to believe it!