Bid farewell to annoying toenail fungal infections with a natural remedy that won’t cost you a lot!

Toenail fungal infection is a common condition that affects several people around the globe. As it starts to occur, you may notice a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenails. When the infection deepens, the whole nail may begin to discolor as it thickens. The edges of the affected toenail may also crumble.

image of Coconut Oil for Toenail Fungus
How to Use Coconut Oil for Toenail Fungus

If you have a poor immune system and diabetes, your toenail infection may worsen. This disease may affect several toenails. Some toenail fungus infections are painful and often difficult to get rid of. The condition may also result in a foul smell. If you don’t treat it as soon as possible, the infected toenails may swell and deform.

You may use oral antifungal drugs, a medicated nail polish or nail cream to treat toenail fungus infections. Or you can use coconut oil!

Yes, recently, the Perfect Nail Solution located in Irwindale, California has released reliable information that coconut oil may help treat toenail fungus infections.

How does coconut oil work?

As coconut oil lovers all know, coconut oil is an excellent source of lauric acid (next to breast milk). Lauric acid is one of the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil. These acids contain a lot of properties that our bodies could benefit from.

Coconut oil contains antifungal properties, and none other than fungi cause toenail fungus infections!

Plus, unlike other treatments, coconut oil can moisturize your affected toes and the skin around it while you are treating your infection.

Coconut oil also holds essential nutrients that will help strengthen your nails and cuticles. These nutrients will help avoid further fungal infections in your toenails.

How to use coconut oil as a treatment for toenail fungus infections?

Coconut oil is simply quite the best natural remedy for an array of diseases. It’s very versatile and not to mention its efficiency in treating some infections.

To treat toenail fungus infections using coconut oil, try these methods (make sure your hands are clean!):

Coconut Oil

  • Get a sufficient amount of unrefined coconut oil.
  • Apply it to the affected toenail.
  • Massage it gently for a few minutes.
  • Let it dry naturally.
  • Repeat this procedure twice or thrice daily until the fungus goes away.

Warm Coconut Oil

  • Wash and dry the affected toenails.
  • Now, warm the coconut oil. You can do this by soaking a bowl of coconut oil in a bowl of warm water.
  • Apply the warm coconut oil in the affected area and massage.
  • Repeat this method for about 3 to 6 times a day.

Coconut Oil Bandage (this method is great before bedtime)

  • Warm coconut oil to liquefy it.c
  • In the liquefied coconut oil, soak the bandage you’ll be using.
  • Apply the soaked bandage in the affected toenails.
  • Let it dry naturally.
  • Cover it with socks or plastic bag and remove it in the morning.
  • Remember to replace the bandage every day or the fungi will creep back into your toenails! You wouldn’t like that, would you?

Coconut Oil with Cinnamon Oil

Enhance the amazing effects of coconut oil by adding a few drops of cinnamon oil. The cinnamon oil will help promote a better blood circulation in your toenails.

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut oil with a few drops of cinnamon oil.
  • Apply the mixture to the affected toenails.
  • Leave the oil on for a few minutes until it completely dries.
  • Repeat this method on a regular basis for faster nail fungus treatment.

There are also other essential oils you can add with coconut oil for a more efficient nail fungus treatment. You can add tea tree oil, clove oil, or oregano oil. These oils have their health benefits that’ll enhance the effect of coconut oil.

It’s never too late to treat that toenail fungus infection! Grab yourself a jar of coconut oil and massage it in the affected toenail. Once done regularly, you’ll find yourself walking with healthy and moisturized toenails!