The Colombian actress and model, Sofia Vergara is considered one of most gorgeous women in the Hollywood industry. Aside from her charming and funny personality, the actress is also admired as a loving wife and mother.

image of Sofia Vergara's family
Sofia Vergara’s family

Indeed, Latinas are known for having beautiful skin – not to mention their tan skin tones.

With proper beauty regimen and healthy lifestyle, you’ll definitely feel confident and beautiful just like Sofia Vergara.

Recently, the actress revealed her beauty secret in maintaining her glowing skin. She admits that coconut oil is essential for her skin.

But you’ll be surprised as to how she uses the coconut oil as part of her skin routine.

image of Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara in an editorial photo shoot

The Modern Family actress said that she applies coconut oil on her body and covers the applied areas with a ceramic wrap overnight. Yes, you’re right when you read the word ‘ceramic wrap’ but of course only when her husband, Joe Manganiello, is away.

Sofia Vergara is actually a few of the celebrities who use coconut oil as part of their beauty secrets. But putting on a ceramic wrap after applying coconut oil our bodies is certainly a different level to us!

DIY Body Wrap

Did you know that coconut oil contains healing properties which makes it a good lotion for your skin?

Coconut oil has already been considered as an excellent ingredient in making DIY body wraps. Body wrapping treatments typically cost you around $100. And, you may not like the results after the procedure. If you’re going to avail the whole package to achieve the desired results, it’ll cost you about $500 per month. That’s crazy!

Combining coconut oil, ceramic wrap and other necessary ingredients could be an effective DIY body wrap that can help you lose weight.

Although results may take time, you can be assured that this method is made of organic ingredients and is cheaper. Pair this daily regimen with proper diet and exercise. Soon, you’ll achieve a well-toned body. The frequent application of your DIY body wrap may also help you obtain desirable results.

Thanks to Sofia Vergara for sharing to the public about her cheap and very accessible beauty regimen.