Healthy skin matters. Our whole body is covered with skin. It’s our body’s largest organ.

Its role is giving us protection from sickness, damage to bones muscles and other internal organs. A healthy skin could also be an asset. You’re more confident to show off skin when you have healthy and nourished skin.

Our skin does wonders for us. When it’s too hot, the capillaries (blood vessels near the skin’s surface) will enlarge to cool down the warm blood. It also produces Vitamin D when the sun shines on it which is an essential vitamin for skin growth, repair, and metabolism.

However, excessive sun exposure, smoke, free radicals, and our lifestyle causes damage to our skin. It’ll result in premature wrinkling, aging, and worse, cancer. That’s why we invest in buying beauty products that promise to give us healthier skin with regular application. But most of them are chemically made that may harm our skin with prolonged use.

So, it’s advisable to use products that are organic like coconut oil. With its rising fame, it’s no surprise that people are frequently discovering more uses of coconut oil including skin care. So what can coconut oil offer to our skin’s health?

Why Use Coconut Oil for Skin?

Coconut oil makes a perfect moisturizer. It may be mistaken to clog pores especially in an oily face, but it doesn’t. It’s pretty ideal for any skin type. Once applied to the skin, it deeply penetrates into the skin. You’ll benefit from the nutrients that contribute to healthy skin.

Medium-chain fatty acids

Coconut oil is one of the numbered natural sources of medium-chain fatty acids. These acids, especially the dominant lauric acid, contain agents that fight against organisms. Microorganisms like bacteria, virus, and fungi that may harm your immune system and skin’s appearance. These microorganisms may cause acne, infections and other skin conditions. It also has anti-inflammatory agents that may help heal acne and joint pains.


Coconut oil’s polyphenols and phytonutrients produce antioxidants and tissue-protective agents.

Vitamin E

Coconut oil also contains Vitamin E which has been known to be essential if you want a healthy and glowing skin. Vitamin E promotes healthy skin growth, smooth skin, wear and tear repair, and protects it from cracking. It also contributes to premature aging and wrinkling prevention.


Proteins in coconut oil help keep the skin rejuvenated in and out. It also helps promote cellular health and tissue repair. When you have enough protein in your body, damaged cells near the skin is replaced.

infographics on 5 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin
5 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin

How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin Care

There are several skin conditions in which coconut oil can cover. From top to all over the body (just as long there’s skin), here are the uses of coconut oil you can try at home.

  • FACE WASH. Use coconut oil as a face wash regularly. You’ll flaunt a glowing look in no time free from acne and wrinkles! The antimicrobial and moisturizing properties make it an ideal natural face wash.
  • ANTI-AGING CREAM. Coconut oil can help keep that youthful glow by nourishing it and eliminating wrinkles. It restores the elasticity of the face and sustains the connective tissues.
  • MAKEUP REMOVER. Your facial skin has too much chemical from cosmetics. Give it a rest by using coconut oil as a makeup remover. Plus, the eye makeup that’s usually so hard to remove goes off easily with coconut oil. Unlike the commercial makeup removers, coconut oil won’t dry your skin.
  • LIP GEL. Cracked lips can be a sign of dehydration and a result of chemicals applied like lipstick. Common lip gels are made from chemicals which may be harmful when swallowed. However, if you use coconut oil as a lip gel, it’s safe if you accidentally swallow it.
  • SKIN MOISTURIZER. Use it in place of lotion or body creams to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. It’ll help improve collagen cross-linking and the antioxidant enzyme activity increases.
  • BODY SCRUB. Replace your old body scrubs with coconut oil. It’ll help exfoliate your skin by getting rid of the dead skin cells clogged in your pores. It also increases blood flow to the surface of the skin.
  • SHAVING GEL. Use coconut oil as a shaving gel. Shaving is already a terror to our skin, so it’s much better to stay away from chemical-based shaving gels. It immediately moisturizes your skin while you’re shaving.
  • SKIN DISORDERS. Because of coconut oil’s medium chain fatty acids, a regular application may help treat skin infections caused by microorganisms. It covers skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • STRETCH MARK CREAM. Stretch marks are a mess. It lowers someone’s self-esteem. Ditch the stretch mark creams in the mark and switch to coconut oil instead.
  • SUNSCREEN. Naturally, coconut oil blocks UV rays. It prevents the damaging chemical reaction of toxins that may occur when you’re exposed to the sun.

Enjoy taking care of your skin the natural way with coconut oil. You actually don’t have to buy different products for every part of your skin. Just keep a jar of coconut oil in your home, and you can apply it anywhere. Then you can enjoy flaunting that healthy, youthful, and glowing skin!