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Coconut enthusiasts consider coconut oil one of the best natural oils nature offers. It’s loaded with numerous benefits and an economical solution to your personal care, pet care, and household problems.

Considering coconut oil as an alternative remedy and a health supplement, does it have side effects?

People don’t get the same reaction toward medications and regimens. When it comes to using coconut oil as a health supplement or remedy, various effects are experienced by different coco users. There aren’t many side effects of coconut oil. Read on and know the side effects of coconut oils.


  • Loose bowel movement isn’t something you’d see on the streets revolting against the absurd reality (not to mention “politics”). It’s a revolution inside the body. Coconut oil is like a one-man army fighting against the bad elements in our digestive system. First-time coconut oil users undergo detoxification and tend to have this effect when consuming a spoonful of coconut oil. Don’t panic if you experience this. Your body is removing all those dirt and harmful elements inside. It’s the aftermath of the victorious expulsion of unwanted settlers. Praise coconut oil!
  • Some people consume more coconut oil, thinking overdosing will give fast results. Yes, coconut oil is a miracle oil. But have you ever heard of medicine that’ll completely treat you in a second? Start with a low dose daily and work up to three tablespoons daily. Consuming coconut oil this way will help you have a “regular” visit to the bathroom. And I think that’s what we desire.

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Elevated Cholesterol

  • Fat is related to Cholesterol. Coconut oil contains about 90 percent of saturated fat. Consuming more coconut oil means consuming more fat. More fat means increased Cholesterol levels. This may sound alarming but take note! Saturated fats are more of the “good guys.” When you consume coconut oil, you increase your HDL-Cholesterol levels. It’s the good Cholesterol we’re talking about here. But it’s advisable to check your blood Cholesterol levels first before attempting to scoop up that sweet, savory tropical goodie.
    Die-off Reaction
  • There’s an instance when the stomach bacteria “die off,” and toxins from the dead pathogens overwhelm the ability of the body to clear them out. This condition is called the Herxheimer reaction. We all know that coconut oil has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It can kill invading pathogens as well as the normal flora. Consuming more coconut oil than what’s required daily can guarantee this reaction to occur. That’s why it’s best to consume coconut oil in low doses. Stop presuming coconut oil overdose can give faster results to prevent such reaction.

Allergic Reaction

  • You can’t only count on your fingers the numerous benefits of coconut oil. It’s a wonder oil of nature, and you don’t want to miss the chance to attest to its wonders. Sometimes, you think natural remedies won’t cause reactions in the body. So, you take it like you’re drinking water. But then, your body starts to feel funny. You may feel itchiness, redness, and worse difficulty in breathing.
  • This may indicate that you’re allergic to coconut oil. It may be rare, but you have to be cautious with your health. Remember that people don’t experience the same reactions to any medications. This should also be taken into consideration when taking coconut oil. It’s advisable to test the product first by applying a small amount of coconut oil to the skin and observing for changes. Moreover, never attempt to consume more than 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily.

Changes in Weight

  • We’ve known that consuming coconut oil affects weight. The fatty acids work marvelously by increasing the metabolic rate. It also promotes energy production and is an incredible accomplice for burning fats. Incorporating coconut oil while strenuous exercises will give you more stamina and muscle build-up. Diet and exercise are still the best methods to achieve a healthy body. But if coconut oil is added to the formula, behold! Superman hath cometh upon earth!
  • But some people rarely achieve the desired result. Despite the effort, you efficiently weighed more. Coconut oil is fat, and unused fat is stored as body fat. You then start to question your technique and curse at the poor coconut. Hey, don’t judge the coconut as you’re not a judge! Consuming an excessive amount of coconut oil can cause the formation of excess baggage. Check your efforts, check your diet, and also have yourself checked! There might be underlying health reasons that are causing the dilemma.

As you can see, natural remedies like coconut oil have no proven therapeutic claims. The side effects of coconut oils may happen temporarily and can be treated. Coconut oil does wonders but if you’re reluctant about this “wonder oil,” seek professional advice.

Have you experienced any side effects of coconut oils?