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Just when you think you’ve known everything about it and its uses, think again. As time passes by, more and more uses have been revealed. You might think, ‘oh really?’, but yes! It can do a lot of things. It can help your cooking, home maintenance, your and your pet’s health, beauty care, and more. It’s amazing how this natural substance can do much more than you expect. It’s a gift of nature at its finest.

Shaving is a dreadfully harsh activity for your skin. Imagine those sharp edges of the blades scraping through your skin! Well, the practically dominates your body. And the body which is all covered with is also covered with hair. But, there are some parts of the body that you want clean-shaven. This is true as men shave their mustache and goatee most of the time. Meanwhile, women shave their legs and underarms. Several men and women shave their hair down there, too.

To lessen the harmful effect to your skin, you can use a shaving cream. But do you know you can use as a substitute for the chemical-based shaving creams? Yes, for shaving is possible.

Why is Coconut Oil Good for Shaving?

You may want to try opting for shaving because of several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • It’s natural. With all the chemical-based products we put inside, and outside your body, it’s important to take some time off. Switch to natural products if you can. It’s safe for your health and for our environment. Plus, it’s mostly safe from allergies you usually experience from chemical-based products.
  • It doubles as a moisturizer. For some, it may be the best moisturizer; it may help moisturize your skin. Once applied to the skin, it seeps right directly into the pores and does the moisturizing.
  • It has antifungal and antibacterial agents. It carries around agents that may help fight against fungi and bacteria. These agents are helpful, especially if you have a sensitivity prone to razor burns. It may help prevent future bacterial and fungal complications.
  • It smells good. It won’t leave any chemical smell. It’ll smell good and sweet.
  • It’s affordable. Substituting for shaving creams can help you save. Some shaving creams are too pricey compared.

Coconut Oil for Shaving Application

After knowing the several reasons why it may be a good option for shaving. Here’s a simple process to use just about one (1) teaspoon of coconut oil.

Step 1: Make sure the area to be shaved is clean and dry (if you came from the shower, pat it dry). Shaving after you shower is advised since the hair follicles will be open and give you the closest shave.

Step 2: Thoroughly lather about a teaspoonful in the area. Don’t fret if it has solidified since you can rub it in both hands to melt it.

Step 3: Wash your hands so that the razor won’t slip from your hands.

Step 4: Get a sharp razor and start shaving. The applied will help the razor glide smoothly. Make it possible to wipe the razor blade every stroke with a clean cloth. This step is to remove the hair residue on the blade.

Step 5: Pat the shaved area dry. Optionally, you can apply a little more for a silky finish if you’re shaving your legs.

After that, you’ll have hair-free and moisturized. Men and women can use this process. Just remember to clean up after shaving, especially in the bathroom. Excess on the floor could be slippery.

For some users, it is a heaven’s gift! For one bottle, you can use it all around. I am as excited as you probably are to know more about what it can do, just like this shaving stuff. It helps moisturize you while you’re not shaving. It even helps you stay protected against bacteria and other infections.

So, why not go ahead and try shaving? There’s no harm in trying. You may find it helpful too!

Prevent Shaving Bumps with Coconut Oil

Embarrassing red shaving bumps are skin conditions that people deal with always. Well, who likes to show off their flared-up face? It’s nothing to be proud of as it’s unattractive and distressing.

There are chemical-based remedies for those shaving bumps or keratosis pilaris. But there are economical and equally effective natural remedies for this skin condition. Be amazed to know that one of these remedies can just be found in your kitchen cupboard.

image of shaving bumbs

Do you know that you can prevent shaving bumps with coconut oil?

Coconut oil works like a miracle for some skin problems. It’s beneficial to the skin because of its natural lubricating property. Coconut oil has an antimicrobial property that treats those red bumps caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. It’s loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that help rejuvenate the affected skin. You’ll soon achieve that youthful glow free from red bumps with coconut oil.

How to Treat and Prevent Shaving Bumps with Coconut Oil

It’s recommended to use pure, organic, virgin coconut oil as it contains most of the nutrients and antioxidants which play a vital role in keeping your skin healthy.

Warm and apply the coconut oil to the areas with red bumps. Massage it gently so that the coconut oil will absorb into the skin.

You can also incorporate coconut oil with other natural remedies. Adding honey and sugar to coconut oil enhances its ability to treat inflamed and infected pores. Honey also has powerful antioxidants and antimicrobial properties.

Here’s what you need for your DIY scrub:

  • 4 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey
  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of white sugar


1. Mix all the ingredients completely to obtain a sweet-smelling and relaxing scrub.

2. Wash the affected area with warm water to open the pores. This allows the mixture to penetrate the pores of the skin.

3. Apply the mixture to affected areas and leave it for a couple of minutes for the mixture to fully absorb into the skin.

4. Wash away the mixture applied to the affected areas using warm water. Then wash the areas with cold water. This allows the pores to close and prevent infection.

This natural scrub formula doesn’t only help treat those nasty shaving bumps but also improves the condition of your skin. You’re also incorporating nutrients into your skin. With the natural remedy, you’re assured that you can prevent shaving bumps with coconut oil.