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A rosy cheek is a good indication of a healthy facial skin. Who needs a blush-on if you’ve got that natural pinkish glow? But what if you wake up with a painful redness on your face? This can be alarming as well as upsetting.

This painful, flushed face skin condition called Rosacea is a common problem that usually affects the middle-age group. The face, eyes, nose, and neck are usually affected. Some people can have a milder case of Rosacea while others have a severe case. Inflamed red spots which are often painful are the common symptoms of Rosacea. This is because of the enlargement of blood vessels underneath the skin. As of the moment, there’s no known cure for Rosacea. But natural remedies are available that can help manage the breakouts.

Thank heavens! Nature has offered a remedy for your skin condition. Coconut oil has heard the cries of your flared up pretty face.

How does coconut oil take care of your skin?

Coconut oil has been taking care of the skin for ages. This wonder oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin with its oily nature and Vitamin E. There are phytonutrients present in coconut oil that help fight against harmful elements that damage the skin.

So, it’s possible that coconut oil can take care of Rosacea. Application of coconut oil on the affected areas regularly reduces the pain and inflammation. It further repairs and rejuvenates the damaged skin. You’ll have a radiant and healthy skin in no time!

What coconut oil should I use?

When it comes to skin problems, choose an unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil. This type of oil contains most of the proteins and nutrients needed to take care of your skin condition. The antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties speed up the process of healing Rosacea.

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How to use coconut oil for Rosacea

The best thing to do before everything else is to wash your face thoroughly with with warm water and a mild soap. This step can initially remove bacteria and dirt on the surface of the skin. Warm water can also open the pores of the skin for a better absorption of oil.

Warm the jar of virgin coconut oil until it melts and is tolerable to apply on the face.

Using a cotton swab or a cotton pad, carefully apply an ample amount of coconut oil in an upward, circular motion on the affected areas.

Do this procedure once a day. It’s preferable to do this treatment at night to let the coconut oil completely seep through the pores of the skin. Leaving it overnight also guarantees you that the coconut oil is absorbed well on the skin.

You usually won’t wake up with a greasy face in the morning with this procedure. But you can wash your face with cold water to remove the excess oil. Cold water also closes the pores. You’ll be relieved of the agonizing breakouts and improve your skin condition.

Regular use of coconut oil helps in improving Rosacea. This isn’t only an excellent natural treatment for Rosacea but a very budget-friendly regime. It’s heavy with nutrients but light on the pocket!

However, it’s still best that you consult a dermatologist before self-medicating. Not everyone has the same reaction when it comes to alternative treatment. But for some coconut oil users, it can be an incredible natural remedy for Rosacea. It also works wonders in achieving a healthy younger looking skin.

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