Coconut Oil Southern Comfort® Layer Cake

Image of cake

There are days when you can’t help but crave for comfort, not from anything but food. Often, sweets top the tally of the most desired comfort foods. There’s a reason why the term ‘sweet tooth’ is present in the vocabulary. Surely, nothing beats the comfort that sweets can bring to anybody. However, some things that […]

Healthy and Yummy Veggie Sticks with Coconut Oil Recipe

Image of Assorted Vegetables on White Surface

Wonder how to make your veggie sticks healthier? The trick is adding coconut oil! We present to you a healthy and yummy veggie sticks with coconut oil recipe. Do you remember how coconut oil does wonders for your health? Well, let’s take a recap just in case you forgot. When taken or used regularly, coconut […]

Chocolate Coconut Oil Fondue Recipe

Image of chocolate cup

Do you like sweets? If you love dips and have a sweet tooth, you can try this delicious but healthy chocolate dip. It’s tasty and incredibly easy to make! This chocolate coconut oil fondue recipe is also so yummy that you might like to lick it all off from the pot. Most of all, it’s […]

Fried Chicken Fingers in Coconut Oil

Image of Sliced Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is an all-time favorite. There’s no doubting that. Various food chains that flourished by selling fried chicken is one great way to prove how such simple food has taken the global market by storm. Eating buckets of fried chicken can be satisfying especially after a long and stressful day. However, health-conscious people might […]

Homemade Coconut Oil French Fries

Image of Frying French Fries

Ever had that dream of lying in bed with your TV on, watching your favorite movie, and you just want to grab some food like you’re in a cinema? (Awhh!!) What a life! You can actually turn that dream into a reality! But there might be a problem with the type of food that you […]

Coconut Oil Fried Chicken with Curry Leaves

Image of chicken dip

Ever wonder how you can keep eating fried chicken without worrying about your blood pressure and your calorie intake? Well, don’t worry! This article will satisfy your cravings with a healthy recipe that might even be your new culinary expertise! Fried chicken is one of the favorite foods for many people since they’re young. This […]