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Being pregnant isn’t easy. You get through a lot of phases for nine months. Your tummy gets bigger and bigger every day, and you want to eat this and that. It’s a crazy yet beautiful experience for a woman. All the sacrifices you’ve been through the nine months are worth it once you get to hold your ‘little one.’

But then, yes, before you get the bliss of finally seeing and holding your baby, you get to experience many crazy things. Morning sickness (ugh!), indigestion, heartburn, itchy areas, and dry scalp are just some of what a pregnant woman has to go through. There are several foods to avoid and things to do to keep the baby healthy. Coconut oil is a good thing to take during pregnancy to relieve you from irritations and keep the baby healthy. Yes, the oil was avoided way back due to its saturated fat, but then I learned that it’s safe and gives numerous health benefits.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Pregnant Women

We’ve been counting on how coconut oil can help us in our daily lives. In this article, you’ll find out how coconut oil can benefit women undergoing pregnancy. Here are its benefits:


Here are several steps:

  • Help keep your immune system strong.
    One of the several things you have to avoid during pregnancy is to drink several drugs. Coconut oil can be an excellent immune system booster due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. So, you can keep your hands off drugs that may harm your baby’s development.
  • Helps relieve irritating pregnancy symptoms.
    Morning sickness, indigestion, or heartburn may be minimized with the help of coconut oil. It works by soothing and cleaning your stomach out of your esophagus so your acid reflux can be soothed.
  • Help relieve itchiness in dry areas.
    Another annoying pregnancy symptom is dryness and itchiness of the skin. Applying coconut oil in that area may help soothe the irritation and saves you from all the scratching.
  • Help prevent and eliminate stretch marks.
    One common problem in pregnant women is the occurrence of stretch marks. Though some see it as a symbol of your motherhood, a lot of women want to get rid of it. Coconut oil’s moisturizing properties and Vitamin E help toss the possibility of stretch marks.
  • Help moisturizes dry hair.
    Some pregnant women experience dry hair that leads to dandruff overtime during pregnancy. Applying coconut oil to your roots may help moisturize them.
  • Helps eliminate under-eye circles.
    Pregnancy may leave you some sleepless nights; dabbing coconut oil as an under-eye cream makes you get rid of under-eye circles.
  • Helps prevent acne breakouts.
    Pregnant women may suffer from acne breakouts, especially those who aren’t prone to it. Just do a DIY mask that’ll help prevent the occurrence of acne.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Your Baby

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  • Lauric Acid
    Breast milk is the best source of lauric acid; next is coconut oil. So taking coconut oil while pregnant gives your high baby qualities of breast milk that will help keep your baby healthy.
  • Saturated Fat Content
    Coconut oil is rich in saturated fat and nutrients. While taking coconut oil during pregnancy helps give your baby the nutrition he needs to develop well.

How to incorporate or take coconut oil during pregnancy?

  • Take coconut oil as a supplement. You can directly take it in its natural state, two tablespoons a day.
  • Add coconut oil to your favorite smoothies.
  • Replace your dairy products with coconut oil.
  • Use it for cooking.
  • Directly apply to an affected area (scalp, face, hair, etc.)

Even if coconut oil can have great deals for you and your baby, one thing that would keep your baby healthy is visiting a gynecologist regularly. Coconut oil can only help enhance your and your baby’s health. Just try coconut oil, and you may experience the amazing health benefits of nature’s treasure!