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“Everyone has a different beauty and different qualities, and I think that women need to learn to love their qualities and be comfortable in the fact that everyone is different.” –Miranda Kerr

When you hear the name ‘Miranda Kerr’, beauty, smile, and sexy body comes to your mind. She’s, after all, an epitome of beauty in this generation. Aside from her beautiful face and amazing body (even after she’s had a baby with ex-husband Orlando Bloom), her passion towards motherhood, beauty, and nature makes her an angel.

Miranda Kerr is an Australian model and a former Victoria’s Secret angel. Looking at how she looked way back in 2007 and now, 2017, it seems like this woman never aged. And no, it’s neither a work of magic nor aided by chemicals and technology. It makes you want to question the gods on why life’s so unfair.

Her beauty secret includes using natural and organic products just like coconut oil. In her recent interview, Kerr has been very vocal on how much she loves using coconut oil every single day. She even admits to consuming four tablespoons of coconut oil daily. Miranda has been using coconut oil for 14 years.

“I will not go a day without coconut oil. I take four tablespoons per day, either on my salads, in my cooking or my cups of green tea.”

Here are some of Miranda Kerr’s beauty tips with coconut oil.

Let’s start with her hair!

Miranda Kerr loves the feeling of having clean hair. As a model, she does use hair products, but she never forgets to use coconut oil for her hair! She even sleeps with coconut oil on her hair. It makes her hair more nourished and moisturized. What’s stopping you from trying it too?

How about her skin?

She loves body brushing every day! Body brushing will help detoxify your system and improves blood circulation. She uses an organic cream exfoliant as a body scrub. To have better results, she mixes it with sea salt and coconut oil.

As a great morning starter, she rubs coconut oil all over her body before hopping into a cold shower. That’s how she maintains that youthful and well-moisturized skin all through these years.



Look at that smile!

Miranda Kerr’s smile has just got to be everything! Not just because of her dimples, but because of her healthy set of teeth. In the morning, she does oil pulling with coconut oil.

“I just started this new thing where I do oil-pulling with coconut oil, so I put a tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth, right? Swish it around for a good 20 minutes — you’re not allowed to swallow. So what I do is put that in my mouth — it will be like 6 in the morning…”

In removing makeup

Kerr also recommends coconut oil for removing makeup. She says it’s an excellent alternative for those who have sensitive eyes. Plus, coconut oil helps to remove eye cosmetics easier without drying your eyes and skin.

Well, it seems like our supermodel got big help from our super food, coconut oil. There are also other celebrities who use coconut oil as a part of their beauty and health regimen like Jennifer Aniston, Kourtney Kardashian, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Just remember to take everything in moderation as coconut oil may still contain calories. Don’t consume more than four tablespoons a day. Keep in mind that maintaining a healthy body and skin requires work like maintaining a balanced diet and exercise!