Shiny, long, manageable, lush and healthy hair can be yours with coconut oil. Coconut oil is naturally rich in anti-microbial properties. The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil, like lauric acid, makes hair grow stronger and healthier while conditioning the scalp.

If your hair is frizzy and dry, one factor to consider is that you may not be consuming enough water. Water helps the entire body stay hydrated, including your skin and hair. The level of your hormones also plays a part in the condition of your hair.

There’s a famous quote that says, “You are what you eat”. Eating the right food means having healthy and shiny hair.

Foods rich in protein are a good source of vitamins that keeps the hair long and shiny.

Proper hydration by drinking 6 – 10 glasses of water everyday nourishes the scalp and hair follicles. Organic products for hair such as coconut oil can condition and nourish hair.

Many hair and cosmetic products have coconut oil as a component. But most of these products also contain chemicals that can be damaging to your health. They can also be harmful to your skin and hair. The chemicals in commercial shampoos can also cause dry, frizzy and damaged hair.

Using coconut oil every day can help solve these problems. The organic components in coconut oil can effectively make your hair healthy. So, it’s good to minimize the use of commercial shampoo and make coconut oil as your daily regimen for hair.

Ways that coconut oil helps your hair:

image of girl with shiny black hair

Acts as a Conditioner:

Coconut oil is a natural hair care treatment. It’s excellent for different kinds of hair. According to a study of the Journal of Cosmetic Science, coconut oil performs better than sunflower and mineral oils in caring for the hair. This oil also reduces protein loss. It’s advisable to minimize the use of any beauty product that contains mineral oil, especially to children.

How to Condition:

For those who have short hair, you may need ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply the oil using your palm and massage smoothly to the scalp. For those who have long and thick hair, start with ½ tablespoon of coconut oil. You can leave it in for about 20 – 30 minutes depending on hair type.

Acts as a Hair Growth Stimulator:

Coconut oil is an efficient and safe solution for thin hair. It effectively helps hair grow longer and thicker. An essential component of coconut oil is a lauric acid which absorbs directly to the shaft, refining the overall appearance of hair.

Hair Growth Treatment:

For scalp conditioning and hair growth, you need one teaspoon of coconut oil. Applying the oil to the scalp enhances blood circulation and helps the hair grow. It’s vital to put some coconut oil on the scalp and massage it gently for 10 – 15 minutes. You can do this once or twice a week.

Acts as an Anti-dandruff:

Coconut oil has been used for skin for thousands of years to fight dandruff. This horrid and often itchy condition makes the skin dry and sensitive to chemicals resulting to fungal (Malassezia) infections.

How to Treat Dandruff:

Coconut oil helps fight fungal infection. For severe dandruff, massage the scalp with two teaspoons of coconut oil and let it stay on your scalp for about 10 – 20 minutes. You then have to wash your hair thoroughly and use a clean towel to dry.

Coconut oil helps hair grow long and soft. This treatment should be done with care to avoid unwanted results. It ‘s advisable to leave coconut oil on your hair for 10 minutes. For severely damaged hair, a good 20 – 30 minutes can do wonders in making your hair alive again.

Coconut Oil as a Leave-In Conditioner for Frizzy Hair

Getting up in the morning and looking like a troll isn’t something you wish overnight unless it’s still the 80’s. The mirror might even freak out when it sees you looking like you’ve just got struck by lightning – Super Saiyan!

Frizzy hair can be as untameable as a vicious lion. It consumes a lot of time to fix, and sometimes we give up, and just it a bad hair day. But did you know that coconut oil is a magician that can turn you from looking like a witch to a beautiful princess?

You’ve heard the buzz, and I know it’s nothing new to you. A jar of coconut oil is the best gift from nature. Even Merida would dare try it out!

Coconut oil as a leave in conditioner for frizzy hair has the necessary nutrients that won’t only tame your friggin hair. It can also turn your dull hair shiny and healthy.

How can you use coconut oil as a leave in conditioner for frizzy hair? You certainly don’t need a master’s degree for this one. It’s fast and easy!

You can use coconut oil either with wet or dry hair.

For damp hair:

Use coconut oil after shampooing.

With a damp hair (not dripping wet), simply scoop out an ample amount of coconut and apply it from the middle to the tip of your hair. No need to include the scalp.

Make sure you’ve thoroughly dragged the coconut oil to all sections of your hair.

Comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb and style it as you like.

For dry hair:

Scoop out ample amount of coconut oil. Apply it by grabbing sections of your hair and dragging the oil thoroughly so that all the sections are covered.
Style your hair as you like.

If your hair still looks dry and rough, take a small amount of coconut oil and apply it on your hair. Try not to apply too much as you don’t want to look like an oil slick.

Now you can go out without the burden of looking like an electrocuted woman. Do the catwalk down the street while waving your shiny and manageable hair. Feel free and live beautifully with coconut oil!