As a woman, makeup is essential in our everyday lives. Makeup helps us to enhance our features and beauty. However, it’s a big no-no to leave your makeup on when you’re about to sleep. You always have to make time to remove any form of makeup unless, of course, you want clogged pores. Of course, you know that clogged pores could lead to blackheads and other facial skin breakouts like acne, right?

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

Women tend to buy different products to remove makeup from known brands, which are all chemical-based. You can’t even buy instantly without checking the ingredients. You even have to purchase a separate makeup remover for the eyes alone. The other thing about chemical-based makeup removers is that they could dry your facial skin because of the chemicals. You have to apply moisturizing creams to keep it moisturized regularly. They may be harmless, but why not try something organic?

Coconut oil for removing makeup is a thing nowadays. Some women are attesting at how effective coconut oil is in removing makeup.

This tropical treasure can be used everywhere in your body, for cooking, pets, and others, without any harm chemicals, may impose. Try coconut oil to help remove your makeup!

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Why Use Coconut Oil For Removing Makeup?

  • It helps to have a faster process of removing makeup.
  • Coconut oil helps break down even the toughest makeup ingredients.
  • It helps dissolve the strong eye water-resistant cosmetics. It’s because coconut oil dissolves the substances used in mascaras and eye shadows.
  • It doesn’t harm the eye area.
  • It doesn’t dry the skin. It moisturizes and softens your skin while removing the makeup.
  • Compared to other essential oils, the grease is lesser.
  • It smells great.
  • It doesn’t cause any breakouts.

How To Apply Coconut Oil For Removing Makeup?

There’s no complicated method of using coconut oil. You won’t even need to use cotton balls to remove the makeup.

Step 1: Scoop a tiny amount of coconut oil. It should be smaller than a pea-size since you’ll just apply it to the face. In case you need more, just add a little.

Step 2: If it’s in its natural solid-state, melt it by just rubbing it between your palms.

Step 3: Keep your eyes closed and gently massage the coconut oil into your eye area first. In no time, you’ll feel the mascara and eyeshadow coming off. If you wear long-lasting mascara and have difficulty removing it, you can open your eyes. Then gently apply coconut oil directly to your eyelashes.

Step 4: After using coconut oil on your eye area, you can use coconut oil for the rest of your face to remove other forms of makeup. Apply in a circular motion. Make sure you’ve covered the areas of your face with makeup.

Step 5: Wipe the excess oil with a warm washcloth. Do not rub it on your face.

Step 6: Rinse your face with warm water. Pat it dry.

Easy, right? Imagine removing your makeup without chemicals. For me, it’s much better. It won’t cost you much than the chemical-based makeup removers. You can’t even think of any adverse effects that may happen. It also serves as a moisturizer while removing your makeup.

Do this organic way of regularly removing your makeup with coconut oil, and you may find it compelling. You may want to toss your regular makeup removers and just keep a jar of coconut oil for any type of use. Enjoy the benefits of coconut oil!