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‘Smoking is dangerous to your health.’ I don’t know how many times I’ve read that statement in cigarette packs and seen it on TV commercials. Even countries like the Philippines attach pictures of possible risks of excessive smoking in cigarette packs for smokers to see. But then, smokers don’t seem to mind. They keep on lighting a cigarette and puffing smoke now and then.

Smoking causes more death than the death toll from HIV, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and motor vehicle accidents combined. It creates risks to almost all of the organs in our body. What’s the worst thing about smoking? It doesn’t only affect the smoker. It also affects the people around him. He can cause diseases to the people who inevitably inhale the smoke he puffs.

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What are the risks of smoking?

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Cancer: liver, lungs, stomach, bone marrow, colon, rectum, larynx, pancreas, and throat.
  • Autoimmune system: rheumatoid arthritis, Type 2 diabetes
  • Reproductive System: erectile dysfunction, ectopic pregnancy, orofacial clefts
  • Increased blood pressure, thickened blood vessels
  • Heart: coronary heart disease, stroke, heart attack, artery plaque buildup
  • Anxiety
  • Unhealthy teeth
  • Poor vision
  • Wrinkly skin
  • Bronchitis
  • Yellow fingers

There might be more effects of smoking than the list above. But if you’re one of those ready to kick the habit, several ways help you quit smoking. You can try behavioral therapy, nicotine replacement therapy, or medications, or you can use several treatments at one time. But do you know there’s a natural way to quit smoking? Yes, using coconut oil to quit smoking is a thing. You might not need any other therapies with coconut oil.

Why Coconut Oil for Quitting Smoking?

Coconut oil is an excellent source of medium-chain fatty acids that may give you numerous health benefits.

It has been associated with helping suppress your cravings, which can lead to weight loss. According to some researchers and testimonials from those who have tried it, craving for cigarette smoke is no exception. You can take it orally or apply it under your nose to ease your cigar cravings.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Quitting Smoking

Consuming coconut oil is one way to help you ease your cigar cravings. Buy the organic type of coconut oil. You can take a maximum of 2 tablespoons daily or mix it with your dishes. You can even combine it with your well-loved beverages like coffee.

Aside from taking it orally, you can make a quit-smoking mixture.

  1. You’ll need an ounce of coconut oil.
  2. Combine it with chamomile, wild orange, or other essential oils (olive, jojoba oil).
  3. You can store the mixture in a roller top bottle or a glass dropper.
  4. Apply the mixture underneath your nose when you feel the urge to light a cigarette.
  5. Inhale the mixture for some time until the urge cools down.

Kick the bad habit down with coconut oil. This is a good try if you feel awkward with one-on-one counseling. You can do it on your own and finally achieve the goal of not having the urge to smoke again. Do yourself a favor (and the people around you) and quit smoking naturally with coconut oil.