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We humans have slippers, sandals, and shoes to protect our feet. However, our adorable four-legged buddies have their padded paws to protect their own. There are times that the soles of our feet become dry and they’d crack. If the dog’s paws get extremely dry, it’ll break easily. It then becomes painful for our dogs to run or even walk. And we all know that dogs like to walk and run. We don’t want them not to be able to do those, right? We want them to be happy. So, what must we do as their loving moms and dads? We cure their pain and make them happy again.

We can heal our dog’s cracked paws by relying on how beneficial and efficient coconut oil is. One of the best solutions is coconut oil for cracked dog paws. Before telling you how coconut oil can cure your dog’s cracked paws, we have to identify the possible causes of cracked dog paws.

What are the causes of cracked dog paws?

  • If your dog’s paws are getting too much exposure to snow.
  • If your dog’s paws are injured with gardening tools or indoor cleaning products.
  • If your dog’s paws are exposed to salt on concrete and lawn chemicals.
  • If your dog is dehydrated.
  • If your dog has an unbalanced pH level.
  • If your dog’s food is unhealthy.

Coconut Oil as a Massage Oil for Your Dog’s Paws

If your dog’s paws are severely cracked, one good way to ease the pain is by massaging those paws. You can use coconut oil as your massage oil. Massaging helps immediately absorb the oil through the affected area. You can do this at least once a day to help cure the cracked paws. Also, you can also do this to prevent cracking of its paws in the future.

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Coconut Oil can be given orally to your Dog

image of a shih tzu pup

If your dog’s paws are fit, the better is their ability to move. Giving your dog at least one tablespoon of coconut oil a day can help increase the level of their overall health.

You Can Add Coconut Oil to Your Dog’s Diet

Feeding the oil to the dog might be as difficult as the dog may not like the taste. You can choose to add coconut oil to your dog’s food or water instead. Moreover, you can even buy dog foods that have coconut oil in them.

You can choose whatever method to utilize coconut oil as a treatment for your dog’s cracked paws. The main thing is that you’re helping your dog and making the dog happy. You can surely enjoy walking and running with them soon. Remember, coconut oil is not only a cure for cracked paws. You can also use coconut oil as a method of prevention of cracked dog paws.

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