The use of natural oils for hair is becoming an interesting topic to talk about these days. Media and the internet are usually feeding the general public with information of different natural oils that can be good for your hair.

The use of olive oil and coconut oil for hair care is widely discussed. But which oil is really better for your hair? This article will give a few comparisons between these two healthy oils.

Coconut Oil vs Olive Oil For Hair

What benefits can we get from these two natural oils? Let’s have a good comparison of the benefits of olive oil vs coconut oil for hair.

Coconut Oil Benefits for Hair

  • Coconut oil soothes dry scalp. It contains moisturizing properties that’ll keep your scalp away from dryness. This oil has vitamin E, proteins, and minerals that’ll nourish your hair from roots to tips. This oil also adds shine and softness to your hair.
  • Coconut oil helps treat hair problems like dandruff, eczema, lice infestation, bacterial and fungal infection.
  • Coconut oil enhances hair regrowth. The MCTs and other nutrients present in coconut oil can nourish your hair because they can go deep into hair follicles. It also helps prevent hair damage, breakage, and split ends.
  • Coconut oil slows down hair loss. You’ll have strong, healthy, and shiny hair if you apply coconut oil on your hair regularly.
  • Coconut oil can serve as a hair conditioner. Be free from frizzy, dry, and dull hair with this incredible natural oil.

Olive Oil Benefits for Hair

  • Olive oil, having a thicker consistency than coconut oil, can provide a better moisturizing effect on your hair. This remedy is even possible with thick and curly types of hair.
  • You can use olive oil as a hair serum after washing your hair. This treatment helps keep your hair from looking dry, dull, and frizzy.
  • Olive oil helps treat scalp burns, small cuts, and wounds. It can also manage dandruff and add nourishment to your scalp.

When it comes to the components of these two oils, coconut oil has more MCTs which consists mainly of lauric acid. Olive oil, on the other hand, has more oleic acid, which is a monosaturated fat.

When it comes to the smell of these two oils, coconut oil may have a more distinct tropical scent compared to olive oil. But there are refined types that clear impurities and reduce the nutty smell of coconut oil.

Though these two natural oils have different compositions and plant sources, they can both helpful in preventing heart diseases when not taken in excessive amounts. Both oils contain antioxidants that help keep your scalp from sun and chemical damage. The antioxidants can also protect us from skin diseases.

Both coconut oil and olive oil promote healthy hair growth, protect hair damage, and prevent hair and scalp problems. Some people even combine them to get the most benefits out of these two oils.

In the 2003 issue of the ‘Journal of Cosmetic Science,’ a research study reported that coconut oil could penetrate deep into the roots of the hair. When used as before and after hair wash treatment, coconut oil protects your hair from protein loss and damage. Combining olive oil with coconut oil will moisturize your hair and scalp better and prevent the formation of dandruff.

If you want this powerful hair treatment formula, use a 1:1 ratio of coconut oil to olive oil. Warm the mixture and apply the oil to your hair properly. Leave it for at least 20 minutes and wash afterward. You can also wrap your oil-treated hair with a saran wrap or towel and leave it overnight. Wash your hair the next day and see how shiny and beautiful your hair will become.