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Coconut oil has been working wonders in any household, kitchen, or personal care issue. You probably know by now how a tablespoon of coconut oil can keep your body young and healthy. Having recognized that this wonder oil can help remove toxins in the body, it can also eliminate harmful parasites that are invading your system.

What makes coconut oil an excellent natural detoxifying agent?

Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), are the main saturated fats found in coconut oil. These fatty acids help boost the immune system because it’s high in both lauric acid and caprylic acid. Coconut oil also has anti-parasitic, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties that can help efficiently remove ‘invaders’ from your body.

A natural, safe, and effective way to remove harmful pests in your body is to use a coconut oil parasite cleanse. Coconut oil is rich in anti-parasitic properties that can fight against parasitic infections. And because coconut oil has a slippery consistency, these pests may find it difficult to attach themselves to intestinal walls.

How to do the coconut oil parasite cleanse

Coconut oil parasite cleanse follows the same methods as with other cleansing procedures. You should have perseverance, determination and a positive mindset when undergoing this detoxification process as it may be a struggle to accomplish.

The parasite cleanse is usually done by avoiding junk, processed, and heavy foods. Other toxic substances are also prohibited. These rules must be followed during the last two weeks and particularly the last few days of the course.

Before you start with your coconut oil cleanse, it’s recommended that you buy pure, organic and cold-pressed coconut oil as it’s rich in nutrients and health benefits.

You begin by taking one teaspoon of coconut oil daily before starting the cleansing procedure to help your body to adjust to it. Starting with a smaller dose enables you to deal with the taste and possible effects of coconut oil in your body. This way, you may soon tolerate its ’nutty’ taste.

To make your own coconut oil parasite cleanse, mix coconut oil in warm water. You need to drink this mixture over the course of three to seven days. If you’re not fond of its taste, you may add natural ingredients like lemon, salt, or stevia.  You can also add foods that have anti-parasitic properties like raw garlic, onions, and hot peppers.

It’s recommended that you avoid consuming foods rich in sugar as these will just nourish the parasites instead of eliminating them.

When you can tolerate the taste of coconut oil, you can increase the amount gradually. The dosage varies from person to person, and you may take eight to fourteen tablespoons daily. On a daily basis, you can consume two tablespoons of coconut oil in a two-hour interval.

It’s essential that you keep yourself hydrated during the entire detoxification course. Drinking enough liquids can also help remove parasites out of your body.

Eat healthy foods that are rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables. One suggested food to eat during the cleansing process is yogurt. When the parasite cleanse progress, there may be times that it may be difficult to move the oil down the digestive system. Adding yogurt to oil or eating yogurt can help you with this concern.