Come to think of it, how do these superheroes grow up to be strong and healthy? I’m sure their moms are vital in keeping them strong and mighty.

We often hear in commercials that breast milk is best for babies. Breast milk contains many nutrients that keep the baby healthy and strong. It’s a superfood for babies as it contains a healthy mixture of saturated, unsaturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Among the saturated fatty acids, 20% mainly consist of lauric and capric acid.

Don’t these fatty acids sound familiar to you?

These fatty acids are the main components of coconut oil. It has been known that lauric acid and capric acid play a vital role in the baby’s immune system. They shield and combat the harmful elements of our everyday environments.

These fatty acids keep the baby from diseases because of their antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Moreover, these medium-chain fatty acids are easily absorbed into your baby’s delicate digestive system. This assures you that coconut oil isn’t bad for your baby. Vitamins and minerals in breast milk and coconut oil can also help your baby’s growth and development.

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What are the effects on lactating mothers who consume coconut oil and breastfeeding babies?

The health of an infant depends solely on the diet of the mother. A lactating mother’s diet must be nutritious and contain a healthy mix of fats and proteins. The breastfeeding mom who consumes healthy fats like coconut oil improves her baby’s immunity and overall health.

Coconut oil Will help take good care of you and your baby.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied coconut oil and breastfeeding. They found a significant increase of fatty acids, mainly lauric and capric acid, in the breast milk of mothers who take a daily dose of coconut oil and its related products. Coconut oil significantly affects the fatty acid content in breast milk for three days with its peak occurring in the first ten hours of consumption.

They also discovered that adding coconut oil to a lactating mother’s diet increases the level of saturated fats in her breast milk. There’s a substantial three-fold increase in lauric acid and a two-fold increase in capric acid.

The Vitamin B complex  found in both breast milk and coconut milk can help improve the functioning of the baby’s nervous system. They’re also essential for energy production by their role in breaking fats and proteins. They keep your baby’s skin, eyes, hair, and liver healthy.

Start adding coconut oil to your diet if you’re a breastfeeding mom. It can be added to your diet by substituting the oil or butter used in cooking and baking. You can also mix it in your salad or breakfast food. Blend it in your hot beverages to give it a subtle taste. But if you’re a busy mom, you can take up to 2 – 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily for an energy boost.

It’s a super food for the super mom and the nourishment of her super baby.