Using Coconut Oil On Your Hair with Hot Yoga

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In this article we’ll cover the following: How can a daily shower after a hot yoga class can do so much damage? How to address this issue? What can coconut oils do with Hot Yoga hair problems? Synthetic hair treatments are quite common these days. From that Brazilian hair treatment, hair spa, hair straightening, and […]

Why Ariana Grande uses Coconut Oil For her Hair Health Everyday

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In this article we’ll cover the following: Hair hack from the kitchen cabinet Ways to use coconut oil to your hair “If you want it, take it.” The message was brief and terse. Sure thing, Ariana Grande’s Break Free was an anthem for self-confidence. But sometimes, confidence may be tricky. It could be tied up […]

Vaseline® Vs. Coconut Oil For Skin Care

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In this article we’ll cover the following: Which of these two moisturizing products do you prefer for skin care? Vaseline® Vs. Coconut Oil for Skin Care Midlife may give you a yellow card for any sign of aging. Well, you may think more about skin care and keeping yourself youthful looking. You may prevent the […]

Using Coconut Oil for Herpes

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In this article we’ll cover the following: What is Herpes? How can you prevent a worst case scenario of herpes infection? Coconut oil leads the list of natural remedies for several diseases and serves as a vital food material. It may look ordinary in the naked eye, but it has hidden gems on the inside. […]

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil as Mosquito and Bug Repellent

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Your camping moments may end up like a feast for mosquitoes and bugs biting your skin. A very straightforward solution is to use an insect repellent. However, most chemically-based insect repellents last only for a couple of hours. The mere thought that these repellents consist of chemicals that may harm your skin may push you […]

How to make Coconut Oil Lip Balms

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You know what’s one of the worst things during winters? Chapped lips. Chapped lips might be as familiar as the stones in the streets, but they can be clues to more pressing issues. You may be chronically dehydrated and eats too little fat. If you’re experiencing chapped lips more often than during winter season, lip […]