Facts about Coconut Oil and your Colon

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Coconuts. When we talk about them, people remember summer. But coconuts go a long way instead of just being a summer food. Coconuts are the latest superfood in the market right now because of its coconut oils. Coconut oils have made its mark in the detoxifying and alternative health industry. A lot of studies have […]

Why Coconut Oil Can Benefit the Human Liver Over Time

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As coconut oil has been famous for its ability to nourish your skin and hair, this oil’s goodness isn’t limited to caring for your health from the outside. All thanks to multiple studies, it has been found that coconut oil has essential fatty acids that may help in maintaining your overall wellness. As the liver […]

Coconut Oil for Sore Throat

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In this article we’ll cover the following: What is a Sore Throat? Causes of Sore Throat Coconut Oil as a Home Remedy How to Use Coconut Oil for a Sore Throat A sore throat is considered to be a common illness among kids and adults. Your throat feels scratchy, and it may be really uncomfortable. […]

Coconut Oil vs Olive Oil For Hair

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The use of natural oils for hair is becoming an interesting topic to talk about these days. Media and the internet are usually feeding the general public with information about different natural oils that can be good for your hair. Why the hair? Well, some consumers dye their hair. Others apply chemicals to their hair to get […]

Coconut Oil for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD )

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With the rise of holistic and alternative medicines, it’s no wonder that there’s also an increase in the demands of alternative, therapeutic and holistic medicines. This is also the reason why coconut oils are all on the market today. There have been claims about how useful coconut oils are, and they’re not just for dietary […]

Sofia Vergara Explains Her Routine Coconut Oil Beauty Routine

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The Colombian actress and model, Sofia Vergara is considered one of most gorgeous women in the Hollywood industry. Aside from her charming and funny personality, the actress is also admired as a loving wife and mother. Indeed, Latinas are known for having beautiful skin – not to mention their tan skin tones. With proper beauty […]