When you’re a parent, you’d want the best for your baby. You have to make sure that everything your baby eats is essential for his or her growth. We let them try a different baby food for their taste buds to explore. It’s a fun part of parenting when you see their reaction once they tasted a new baby food.

One of the health trends that everyone’s so fond of these days is coconut oil.

It’s known for the claimed health benefits that its users are experiencing. Coconut oil’s universal benefits make it one of the most sought out ‘miracle food’ by health conscious people.
How about adding coconut oil to your baby’s food?

Is Coconut Oil Safe to Add in Your Baby’s Food?

Coconut oil has been spreading great news mostly to adults, but is putting coconut oil in your baby food safe? The best answer is YES. IT’S SAFE. You can add a sufficient amount of coconut oil on your baby’s food.

Babies need fat, the healthy fat and it should still be taken with a proper dosage. The fats in organic coconut oil are considered good fat. The good fat helps babies with their cell repair, brain development, energy, as well as the growth of their bones and organs. Stay away from long chain fatty acids as they love to stay in your baby’s body for a long time.

A child, below two years of age, should have a daily calorie intake of good fat of about 40-50% of their daily diet. An insufficient fat intake may result in growth problems.

Coconut oil and a mother’s breast milk are both rich in lauric acid. A medium chain fatty acid that helps keeps the body healthy and fight infection and inflammation. Also, the medium-chain fatty acids are directly converted to energy to fuel your baby’s energy.

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How to add coconut oil in your baby’s food?

But before you add coconut oil to your baby’s food, it’s still safer to ask your doctor first to avoid future complications. When your baby reaches 6-8 months, you can start adding a teaspoon to a tablespoon of coconut oil (it depends on how much baby food you’re making) to your baby’s food. You can make an apple, plum and pear puree with coconut oil! If your baby loves sweet potatoes, then add some coconut oil for more flavors. You can use coconut oil as a replacement for butter as a healthier option.

More Uses of Coconut Oil for Your Baby

So it’s a yes, you can add coconut oil in your baby’s food to add more flavor and make use of the benefits it can offer your baby. Always make sure to check on your Pediatrician regularly to make sure your baby’s development is right for his or her age!

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