Having a baby is the dearest thing in the whole world. You always wanted the best for your baby. You tend to worry about everything you use. Will it be too strong? Will it make your baby’s skin dry? Is it safe?

While many baby products are on the market, you may have a hard time because of their chemicals. What’s the best choice for wise moms? Use something natural, just like coconut oil. You don’t have to buy one product for one purpose when you use coconut oil. It’s multifunctional! Here, we’ll show you five ways to use coconut oil for babies.

Coconut oil has been widely known over the years from people of all walks of life. It gained popularity because of its undeniable health benefits that anyone can get, even your pets.

But how good is coconut oil for babies?

  • Coconut oil is perfect for babies since it can be a natural moisturizer. It’ll help nourish and soothe your baby’s skin without irritating it.
  • Coconut oil can also help fight against microorganisms that help prevent your baby from getting infections.
  • Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory agents and other essential properties that help soothe your baby’s skin from swelling. It can also contribute to reducing the pain and swelling of the area.

Here are ways on how you can use coconut oil for your precious baby:

1. Treating Diaper Rash

Coconut oil is the best natural treatment for your baby’s diaper rash. Chemical-based creams and oils may worsen the rash but not coconut oil since it’s natural. It’ll also act as a barrier and help prevent further irritation. As a bonus, it’ll not ruin your cloth diapers like other treatments.

Apply ample coconut oil to the affected area, and it’ll do its wonders naturally. Do it after you bathe your baby. Let the coconut oil dry before placing a diaper.

image of coconut oil applied on baby's back

2. Use it as a Baby Oil and Massage Oil

Newborn babies have a vernix, a unique coat that protects their skin from their environment. However, if your baby experiences dry skin, don’t use lotion. Use coconut oil instead, as it’s the perfect natural moisturizer. Coconut oil can also help protect your baby’s skin by providing nutrients that it needs to make its skin smooth.

Use coconut oil to massage your baby. Regularly giving your baby a massage will strengthen your bond and help relax your baby during bedtime. Mix one part of coconut oil and olive oil to make massage oil.

3. Treating Cradle Cap

For clarification, cradle cap isn’t a result of poor hygiene. It’s not itchy and may not bother the baby, but the scaly and patchy scalp isn’t a beautiful sight. There’s no definite cause for why it occurs, but some doctors agree that a fungal infection causes it. It’s an inflammatory condition.

Coconut oil can help treat cradle caps in babies since it has antifungal properties. As mentioned earlier, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that’ll soothe the inflamed and irritated scalp. Coconut oil will also help provide Vitamin E to rejuvenate the skin cells on the scalp.

Massage coconut oil gently on your baby’s affected scalp and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Gently comb your baby’s hair to remove the skin. Finally, rinse it with warm water and mild shampoo. Do this regularly until the cradle cap disappears.

4. Make it a Baby Body Wash

A baby’s skin is vulnerable. So you must be extra careful about what you apply to their skin. To ensure your baby’s skin won’t get irritated, use coconut oil as a body wash. To make a coconut oil baby body wash, just mix equal parts of coconut oil, castile soap, and water. Your natural baby body wash is ready! To add fragrance, you may add sweet-smelling essential oils.

5. Soothing Teething Pain

One of the challenging stages of a baby’s development is the teething stage. It may start as early as five months. Your baby will experience pain and may cause sleepless nights and feeding interruptions.

To aid in soothing the pain of teething, you can dab enough coconut oil on your baby’s gums. Coconut oil’s anti-inflammatory properties will help ease the pain. You can also choose to apply it to your baby’s teething toys. Do this regularly until you can see your baby relieved from the pain.

Babies are very fragile and need extra care. One wrong move may jeopardize your baby’s health. So choose the things you use on them properly. If you can use organic products, then do it. Make sure you’re using virgin coconut oil since this type of coconut oil has retained its nutrients and flavor.

Pamper your baby with your utmost love and coconut oil!