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Athletes usually pay close attention to their diet. They’d prefer foods that boost their energy level, strength, and stamina. With the rising popularity of coconut oil and its benefits, it becomes an excellent natural supplement for them. So, how beneficial is coconut oil for athlete’s diet?
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Coconut Oil Boosts Energy Naturally

When it comes to fitness and health, coconut oil contains a variety of nutritional benefits. It’s mostly attributed to the medium-chain fatty acid content which does most of the job. These saturated fats are quickly metabolized in the body than the long-chain saturated fats. They’re less efficiently stored in the body and are mostly converted into energy. MCTs are then used as immediate energy, especially for athletes.

It means that athletes can have greater endurance and stamina because of the fast energy production.

Coconut Oil is Thermogenic

Coconut oil aids in weight reduction because it promotes thermogenesis. Saturated fats have a thermogenic effect on the body. It’s because they’re easily processed in the body and converted into energy. When there’s an increase in heat production, you’ll have the greater ability to burn calories. And burning more calories means that you’ll be able to lose more weight.

Coconut Oil Helps Maintain Muscle Mass

Adding coconut oil for athlete’s diet introduces the body with medium chain fatty acids. It’s known that these fats help burn fat faster while retaining muscle mass. This is because these MCTs are consumed faster than any saturated fats and are converted directly into energy. There’s a more rapid conversion of energy when taking in MCTs than consuming complex carbohydrates.

Coconut Oil Stabilizes Glucose While Promoting Ketogenesis

When fats are broken down, the by-products are ketones. This process is what we call, ketogenesis. Our bodies can produce ketones by consumption of MCTs in coconut oil. When MCTs are broken down into ketones by the liver, they become a high-energy fuel for the body which becomes a better energy source than carbohydrates. When our bodies are undergoing a state of ketosis, we become less hungry, and we stabilize glucose. Energy levels are also boosted because there isn’t a decrease in insulin levels.

How Much Coconut Oil is Needed For an Athlete’s Diet?

Coconut oil is rich in MCTs, but it also contains unhealthy fats. One shouldn’t consume more than the daily recommended dosage as it may cause adverse effects to the body.

One tablespoon of coconut oil consists of 13.6 grams total fat, and 11.8 grams saturated fats. About 15 percent of the total saturated fats are MCTs. The American Heart Association suggests that athletes should get a maximum of 6 percent saturated fat to their daily calorie intake. For a better athletic performance, NYU Langone Medical Center recommends taking 85 milligrams of coconut oil as a supplement.

Coconut oil for athlete’s diet doesn’t only make an athlete’s food delicious. It’s packed with nutrients that are beneficial to their bodies. Moreover, it’s also filling! You can use it as a natural alternative to your butter and oil. It can also be added to your favorite coconut oil recipes and beverages.

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